Shopping Around

The time has come.

Time to do more comparison shopping and less convenience spending.

Time to pay attention just a bit more.

I’m shopping Amazon for some household staples.  Finding a few deals. I really like the free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.  Quick and free makes me happy.

Because any real shopping requires a half hour minimum drive, there is savings in shopping online.  Especially if I’m careful to minimize shipping costs or get free shipping.  With gas at over $4/gallon, driving 50 miles or more to shop adds up.

If you’re anything like me, it also means there is less spent on impulse buys.

I think back a few years….. I was spending considerably less on household things.  Less on groceries.  Just less.  Then life happens and that is more important than saving 40 cents on Kleenex.  Shopping becomes a blur and things aren’t as tidy as they once were.

But now?  Things are starting to come into focus again.  It’s hard to trust that.  And it’s hard to figure out how to baby-step back into those good habits that fell away for a while.  The perfectionist in me has trouble doing a little bit.  Yet, there isn’t the time needed to overhaul it all and start fresh.

For today, I’ll be content to just do a little shopping around online.  Looking for some easy ways to save some change.

What’s your best tip?  Even if it’s an old one… This is all refresher to me, so let’s hear it!


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