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Day One Recap, Again


I just typed a post and lost it.  Great. 

Maybe I whined a little too much and shouldn’t have posted it anyway…. So let’s try again.

The first day went from a mix of office work and home organization, to a day of all office work.  Why?  The computer and printer have to go in for some service.  Which means I won’t have an easily accessible computer… And actually that may make me MORE productive on the clean and declutter front in the coming days. 

With several hours in the office I got SO MUCH done!  I wish I’d have taken photos of my towering piles of unfiled papers and unentered receipts.  Now all my expenses are entered and my budget worksheets are up to date.  The accounts have been reconciled.  Papers are filed and forms are filled out.  While there is still work to be done in my office, things are feeling pretty good. 

I also got to accompany my kid to the dentist and open house at school.  Then I had a tough but GOOD workout with my trainer. 

To end my night, there was a rare quiet time to talk with my son. He is at an age where he doesn’t open up a lot so I cherish these times when he just spills his thoughts on everything.  Nothing earth shattering was discussed but I got to hear his thoughts on his new program meeting with a personal trainer (he teams with his sister) and how he’s been thinking about wanting to redo his room. 

I went to bed truly content.

Today, I am a little all over…. First an appointment with one kid.  Now my last little bit with my computer before heading to Fargo to drop it off for a few days.  If I kill enough time I can head to our CSA garden to get in some harvest events too. 

I have mixed feelings on this.  I love the locally grown goodies!  I love putting all this in the freezer for winter for only the cost of gas money to get there and labor to get it frozen.  But I really really want to get to cleaning closets too.  I’m looking at coming home this evening with 10 dozen ears of corn, a five gallon bucket of broccoli and another of carrots, some dill and possibly a few green beans and cauliflower. 

I’m trying to not whine about the work that creates.  I’m trying to stay positive and be thankful for the opportunity to get this veggie goodness.  I need to remember that these 6 days are a blessing!  I need to have faith.  To trust in God’s timing and plan. 

And now I need to pack up and go…..


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I need some.

The next six days are wide open around here. I was going to do bigger projects but they aren’t ready to do so I’ve shifted my plan. I hope to catch up on a LOT of the little stuff that piles up. Like literally piles up! To keep me on task, I will check in daily with updates and whatnot.

My main areas of focus are on paperwork and organizing/decluttering closets and such.

I will make some time for some creative projects and changing the decor to fall things. Who cares if it’s 90+ degrees… cooler days will be here soon and I’ll be too busy watching football and volleyball to change it up then.

Overall, I want to start off the school year feeling more in control. Of papers. Of stuff. Of time.

Wish me luck!

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Money or the Mindset?

Do the little things matter because it’s a little more money in the pocket?  Or because the mindset to save dimes will inevitably save way more than a few dollars?

I wondered this as I got half-way through the parking lot before realizing I forgot my reusable bag in the van.  I walked back for the specific bag for that store (they only give credit for THEIR bags) and shortly after, received my dime’s worth of savings.  As I walked out, it was still on my mind…. I was doing the mental math.  4 bags a week for a year.  Maybe $20 a year in savings.  Maybe.

Sure, there is the whole “green” thing.  I’m not dissing that.  But I was focused on the change.

So does $20 really make that much difference?  Especially when it takes a year to accumulate less than what we need for a family dinner at a restaurant?  Is it worth the walk back for a bag?  Is that dime worth the quick pang of quilt when you don’t have a bag?

Or does the mere intentionality of it crucial to compounding the savings into something bigger?

If I don’t care about the dimes, will I have trouble caring about the dollars?



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Gettin’ Creative

Now that my hubby and I have a zero-based budget in place, I’m getting creative with the menu.  We realize we may have to up the grocery budget at some point but for now we’re going to try to stick to what we have planned.  That means using what’s in the freezers and pantry as much as possible.

It’s been kind of fun going through old recipes and cookbooks that have just been collecting dust!

There’s walleye thawing for supper.  All I need for the different beer batter we’ll try is a particular kind of beer.  A 6 pack isn’t a big deal when the meat was free! Pair it with green beans from the garden and some watermelon?  A super summer supper!

I’m excited to try some new recipes, like Jerk Chicken, Key West Ribs and Glazed Chicken Wings.  There are family favorites, like Potato Sausage Casserole, on the schedule.  And for busy nights there is a break with easy meals like tostadas and chef salads.  Finally we’ll use leftovers in fried rice or noodle casseroles and soups.  Knowing what I need for groceries for more than two weeks is satisfying.  I like it.

This is the most I’ve planned at one time in a while, but we had our “use what’s here” mentality while we had company last weekend.  it turned out much better than usual.  I made some good meals that everyone loved.  They were minimal prep and minimal groceries.  We spent less than half what we usually do when company comes to town!  Best part: no one could tell!

I’m coming to believe that the most important thing needed in budgeting is a good attitude.

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