Gettin’ Creative

Now that my hubby and I have a zero-based budget in place, I’m getting creative with the menu.  We realize we may have to up the grocery budget at some point but for now we’re going to try to stick to what we have planned.  That means using what’s in the freezers and pantry as much as possible.

It’s been kind of fun going through old recipes and cookbooks that have just been collecting dust!

There’s walleye thawing for supper.  All I need for the different beer batter we’ll try is a particular kind of beer.  A 6 pack isn’t a big deal when the meat was free! Pair it with green beans from the garden and some watermelon?  A super summer supper!

I’m excited to try some new recipes, like Jerk Chicken, Key West Ribs and Glazed Chicken Wings.  There are family favorites, like Potato Sausage Casserole, on the schedule.  And for busy nights there is a break with easy meals like tostadas and chef salads.  Finally we’ll use leftovers in fried rice or noodle casseroles and soups.  Knowing what I need for groceries for more than two weeks is satisfying.  I like it.

This is the most I’ve planned at one time in a while, but we had our “use what’s here” mentality while we had company last weekend.  it turned out much better than usual.  I made some good meals that everyone loved.  They were minimal prep and minimal groceries.  We spent less than half what we usually do when company comes to town!  Best part: no one could tell!

I’m coming to believe that the most important thing needed in budgeting is a good attitude.


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