I think our parenting skills are always evolving.  When Grace went through Mayo’s program for her chronic pain and other symptoms, we got a lot of training on parenting.  Not just parenting a “sick kid” but how to break the cycle of parenting a sick kid and just be an effective parent.  To all your kids.  Part of that includes responsibilities and consequences.

We no longer have a “minimum grade” requirement here at our house, but we do require the kids turn in all their work.  If there are assignments missing (without a valid reason as to why), there is a consequence.  I don’t police my kids’ grades daily but I check every week or two.

Today my son got caught.  Because this was the second time he’s had an assignment missing in a month his consequence is handing over his iPod, as there will be no social contact (online or in person) or screens (unless watching TV with a parent) for 24 hours.

This used to bother me, giving consequences.  I don’t like to upset my kids.  But it doesn’t anymore.  I almost wanted to laugh as he was trying to plead his case, but I didn’t.  I think about the future.  How he’s got to learn to be responsible and take care of his stuff before it really hurts him.

I’ll continue to stay warm neutral, as mayo would say.  It’ll be interesting to see how he spends the next 22 hours.


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