I am a work in progress.  Some days feel like there is more progress than others.  Know what I mean?

The summer of 2005, after living my whole life in HomeTown, my husband (also a HomeTown native) and I picked up and moved to SmallTown.  Over 250 miles from anyone we knew.  It has been an exciting time.  Getting used to a small town, making new friends and all sorts of other things.

At first out of necessity (owning two homes for over a year produces a LOT of necessity) we ventured down the frugal path.  Although we weren’t exactly spendthrifts before the move, we had a whole new level of thrifty.

In getting to start over in SmallTown things were really simple.  No one knew us and so we had a lot of time together as a family to just get settled in.  It was a comfortable, simple time.  And we discovered that we liked the slower pace.

So a small town, simple home was born.  I find myself becoming more domestic every month.  And I like it.


3 responses to “About

  1. welcome to small town living. We love ours, too. Much to the dismay of our california relatives.
    Just visitng from works for me

  2. Sounds wonderful!
    I live in a small town too, no bank/atm, no supermarket, no school… really small. But the people here are not exactly the best neighbours one would ask for. First thing they did when we bought here was demand parts of our yard and claimed it was theirs (a few of them did this) then they tried putting us against the others in town… it’s a real little war zone LOL… we keep to our own business and let them get on with their *questionable* business too, but it’s hard for them to stay out of ours!

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