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Doesn’t if seem trivial or petty to be worried at all right now about what we have or don’t have?  In the aftermath of Oklahoma’s devastating tornadoes, I am reminded that I have MORE than I need.  My attitude is one of gratitude.  My prayers are for those suffering from storm damage.  Those searching…. May they find God and His peace amongst the ruin.


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Shopping Around

The time has come.

Time to do more comparison shopping and less convenience spending.

Time to pay attention just a bit more.

I’m shopping Amazon for some household staples.  Finding a few deals. I really like the free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.  Quick and free makes me happy.

Because any real shopping requires a half hour minimum drive, there is savings in shopping online.  Especially if I’m careful to minimize shipping costs or get free shipping.  With gas at over $4/gallon, driving 50 miles or more to shop adds up.

If you’re anything like me, it also means there is less spent on impulse buys.

I think back a few years….. I was spending considerably less on household things.  Less on groceries.  Just less.  Then life happens and that is more important than saving 40 cents on Kleenex.  Shopping becomes a blur and things aren’t as tidy as they once were.

But now?  Things are starting to come into focus again.  It’s hard to trust that.  And it’s hard to figure out how to baby-step back into those good habits that fell away for a while.  The perfectionist in me has trouble doing a little bit.  Yet, there isn’t the time needed to overhaul it all and start fresh.

For today, I’ll be content to just do a little shopping around online.  Looking for some easy ways to save some change.

What’s your best tip?  Even if it’s an old one… This is all refresher to me, so let’s hear it!

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Walk the Walk

I keep wanting to be more active. Then I use the “just didn’t have time to go to the gym” excuse.
I want to save money. Then the “don’t have time, this time” excuse.
I want to slow down and be more mindful. Are you guessing what comes next?…..yep excuses.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. Change is hard.

Monday I walked to the grocery store. Really just to see if the bananas were actually yellow. Knowing I would only be getting some produce made it easier to grab my reusable bag and walk the 8 or so blocks. It felt good.

Sure, it took longer. I didn’t really mind though. Instead I was thinking about how I’d feel if I planned more things like this. Forcing me to slow down. To think. To work for what I need and want.

I walked home from the dentist yesterday. It’s maybe a little over a mile. No huge accomplishment but it did take 25 minutes instead of the 5 to drive. Felt good to just take a little extra time.

No worries, though. I’m not selling my van any time soon.
Baby steps.

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Still Working…

It’s been a few months and we’re still working on this new program.  Overall things are going really really well for Grace.  She hasn’t passed out in almost 4 months.  This is HUGE.  The program is a BIG FAT DEAL though and takes a lot of thought, planning and tweaking.  We’re still working all that out.  They say that the first 6 months after graduating from the program is crucial.  We don’t hit the 6 month marker until August.  I’m happy that we’re still working away at this.  I’m happy that Grace hasn’t missed a day of school or an activity, due to illness, since leaving Mayo.  Amazing.

There is finally warm weather in MN and I can’t find my shorts!  Figures, right?  I’ve planted a few cool crops in the garden boxes and I am excited for the time outside.

The days are definitely busy.  We are changing so many things around our house and that is a process, but at the heart of it we still hope to just be a family making memories in a small town simple home.

Back to basics & counting our blessings.

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