They Just Assume

Tonight I did a little mending while watching TV with my husband.  Snow pants and gloves.  Because we got over a foot of snow on Tuesday.  Yep, that’s MN.  And it is April.  Some day we’ll see the ground again.

Stanley is rough on his stuff…much like I expect many active boys are.  He loves that I can patch up his rips and tears.  I’m not a beautiful seamstress, but I do alright with utilitarian sewing.  As early as kindergarten and first grade he would leave pants on my table with a note: “pleez so”  How cute is that?

So I don’t mind at all that my family just assumes that this mom can mend it all up.

The winter gear is patched up and ready to jump off snow piles again tomorrow.  A good nights work.


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Filed under Family, Making Do, Wearing It Out

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